Diploma of Mechanical Engineering (DMC)


Diploma in Mechanical Engineering is an academic programme which has been offered since 2002/2003 Academic Session. This programme is designed to provide skillful and competent human resources in semi-professional level and able to engage in current technology transfer, specifically in mechanical engineering.

The curriculum structure of diploma program consists of 6 semesters (3 years) including 10-weeks of industrial training. The curriculum for Year 1 is the foundation study which is focused on enhancing students' knowledge in Fundamental Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Drawing, Statics, Computer Programming and Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD). Technology and Engineering Workshop Practise provide the oppertunities for the students to improve their knowledge and skill in mechanical work.

In Year 2 and Year 3, students begin their studies on the programme core courses together with the university compulsory courses. During Year 2, students have the opportunity to learn third language as an additional course which is conducted by Pusat Bahasa dan Pembangunan Insaniah (PBPI). At the end of the Year 2 (special semester), each student is required to undergo and industrial training for a minimum 10 weeks in various related industries which is coordinated by ICNet. All students will be exposed to the real industrial working environment during this industrial training. Hence this will increase their technical knowledge and skill for their future career.

Apart from the engineering courses, the students are offered with several non-technical courses such as management, entrepreneurship and communication. With this curriculum, the diploma engineering graduate is expected to acquire high technical knowledge and skill as well as good attitude in-line with Wawasan 2020.

The minimum credit hours required for the award of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering is 100 credits. The curriculum of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering programme is shown as following.

Curriculum Structure Programme Objectives Programme Outcomes Course Synopsis

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