Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Plant & Maintenance) programme is the sixth academic programme under Faculty of Mechanical Engineering that started from 2011. The programme is focussing in the area of plant and maintenance engineering studies. It is motivated to fulfil the requirement of skilled workers in power generated industry (hydroelectric power plant), heavy industry (petro-chemical plant), manufacturing industry, automotive industry and research & design fields.

Plant engineering covers the design and technologies of plants facilities, operations and maintenance. It includes power plant, oil refinery, manufacturing plants and etc. Among topics covered in the plant engineering field are air-conditioning system, air-handling system, building facilities such as elevator, fire-fighting system and etc. Laboratory works are conducted with a few pilot plants such as gas turbine generated power plant, water treatment plant and incineration plant. Student also will be exposed to the plant and building facilities such as air-conditioning system and fire-fighting system.

The scopes of maintenance engineering are including the maintenance management, strategies and methods of maintaining machineries and plants. The focus of this course will be on study of condition based maintenance and mechanical vibration. Among the methods that will be taught are vibration monitoring, wear & debris monitoring system, oil analysis, thermography and etc.

Highly specialised mechanical engineering graduates are employed in many industrial sectors which cover the following work environments:

a. Plant design and process layout design.
b. Plant facilities maintenance and management.
c. Machineries maintenance and management.
d. Monitoring of machine or component health.
e. Product design from maintainability aspect.
f. R&D in failure monitoring.

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