FKM's High Impact Facilities
Laboratory Name: : Materials Science Laboratory
Location: : MPU/KMK (Fasa B)
Head of Laboratory: :  
Assist. Lab. Engineer: :  
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List of Equipments: 
No. Equipment Description Detail Specification
1. Scanning Electron Microscope / EDS Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is finding increasing uses in a wide range of applications such as medical, biological, metals, semiconductors and ceramics. With abundant attachments and devices being combined, its capability is expanding. The new JEOL6010PLUS scanning electron microscope (SEM) available at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is a multifunctional general-purpose SEM with a new intuitive user interface making use of an operation screen and touch panel. One of the special features is the addition of an elemental analysis by EDS. The low vacuum mode is included in the standard configuration, which offers easy observation of non-conductive materials without pre-treatment.