FKM's High Impact Facilities
Laboratory Name: : Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Location: : MPU/KMK (Fasa B)
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List of Equipments:
No. Equipment Description Detail Specification
1. Fluid Friction The Armfield C6-MKII-10I Fluid Friction Apparatus is designed to allow the detailed study of the fluid friction head losses which occur when an incompressible fluid flows through pipes, bends, valves and pipe flow metering devices. Friction head losses in straight pipes of different sizes can be investigated over a range of Reynolds' numbers from 103 to nearly 105, thereby covering the laminar, transitional and turbulent flow regimes in smooth pipes.


2. Venturi Meter A Venturi is a device that has been used over many years for measuring the discharge along a pipe. The fluid flowing in the pipe is led through a contraction section to a throat, which has a smaller cross-sectional area than the pipe, so that the velocity of the fluid through the throat is higher than that in the pipe.
3. Impact of a Jet One way of producing mechanical work from fluid under pressure is to use the pressure to accelerate the fluid to a high velocity in a jet. The jet is directed on to the vanes of a turbine wheel, which is rotated by the force generated on the vanes due to the momentum change or impulse that takes place as the jet strikes the vanes.
4. Bernoulli's Theorem Demonstrator The apparatus is made up of a stainless steel base with levelling feet, Venturi with pressure taps, head tube traverse tap, a needle valve and an eight tube manometer mounted on an instrument panel. A red-line graphic scale allows the student to read off the differential pressure heads along the Venturi section.
5. Reynolds Number and Transitional Flow The apparatus consists of a precision-bore glass pipe (test tube) held vertically in a large shroud. The shroud is open at the front and the inside surface is light coloured. This allows the students to see the flow clearly. Water enters a constant head tank (reservoir) above the test tube and passes through a diffuser and stilling bed. It then passes through a specially shaped bell-mouth into the test tube.
6. Multi-Pump Test Rig The Multi-Pump Test Rig offers an enclosed system equipped with industrial measuring components. The test rig is designed and equipped for experimental testing of all major problem areas in pump engineering.
7. Air Flow Bench The AF10 is a small-scale wind tunnel with an electric fan and adjustable air flow control. The unit consists of a sturdy steel framework on which is mounted a fan which supplies air via a flow-control valve to a specially designed plenum chamber and aerodynamically shaped contraction.
8. Pelton Wheel This is a self-contained bench top set for studying the Pelton turbine characteristics under various flow rates and heads. The unit consists of a storage tank, a pump, a turbine, a dynamometer, and measuring instruments. The adjustable nozzle directs a water jet to the runner buckets.