FKM's High Impact Facilities
Laboratory Name: : Combustion Laboratory
Location: : MPU/KMK (Fasa B)
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Assist. Lab. Engineer: :  
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List of Equipments:


No. Equipment Description Detail Specification

Air compressor test unit

The experimental unit contains all the essential components of a compressor system. The compressor to be tested is a single-stage single-cylinder machine. During the functional test the efficiency of the compressor is investigated against the increasing pressure in the tank over time. The active power of the drive motor is displayed on the switch cabinet. A stopwatch is supplied for time-related measurements. details

Compression refrigeration system

The set-up of this apparatus represents a typical refrigeration circuit consisting of a hermetic compressor, condenser, evaporator and expansion element. Evaporator and condenser are designed as finned tube heat exchangers. The pipes of both heat exchangers are partially transparent to visualize the process of the phase transition during evaporation and condensing. Three capillary tubes of different lengths and a thermostatic expansion valve can be compared as expansion elements. details
3. Gas turbine with power turbine Gas turbines with free-running power turbines are used primarily as drive systems for widely varying power requirements in power plants and on-board ships, locomotives and motor vehicles. The trainer investigates the behavior during operation of a system with two independent turbines in a two-shaft arrangement. One turbine (the high pressure turbine) drives the compressor and the other turbine (the power turbine) supplies the effective power. details