Introduction to Current Engineering Program


As a tertiary engineering education institution, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FKM) currently offers two first-degree academic programmes. The existing programmes are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC). The duration for the courses offered is 4 years at the first-degree level and the medium of instruction and reference materials are in Bahasa Melayu and English.

All the first-degree programmes undergo a common curriculum structure for the first four semesters. These curriculums comprise the core and university’s compulsory courses. In Year 3, students will undergo core curriculum programs which cover specialize subjects as well as compulsory university subjects. Students are then required to undergo industrial training at least 12 weeks, at the short semester (after semester 6) in selected industries. The objectives are to further improve the knowledge and engineering theory and as well as their practical skills. It is expected that this training will equip graduates with the technical knowledge of Mechanical Engineering and environmental advanced skills and a real career in the industry. The fourth-year students shall carry out their final year project in the Mechanical Engineering field.


Career Opportunities in Mechanical Engineering

Research & Development Engineer, Design Engineers, Production Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Quality Control/Quality Assurance Engineers, Sales Engineers, Consultants.
Research and Development in automotive manufacturing.
Design and innovation of vehicle components such as engine , chassis, vehicle interior, electrical, suspension, braking and structure analysis as well as other vehicle subsystems.
Industrial equipment layout and workflow in the automotive industry.
Consultant for automotive components in terms of its validation, design reliability and quality.
Maintenance management and vehicle reconditioning.
Design and improvement of vehicle ride & handling as well as the power train system


Entry Requirements for:

  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours (BMCG) - UC6521001 
  • Bachelor of Automotive Engineering with Honours (BMCK) - UC6525001