To offer high quality academic programmes with emphasis on practice and application oriented mechanical engineering discipline in line with the current industrial requirement and be recognized by professional bodies.
To produce competent mechanical engineering graduate with critical thinking, innovative and have the ability to solve problem either in group or individual in the process of fulfilling the national human capital requirement.
To upgrade expertise and competency of the staff by conducting various quality and well organized human resource development programmes based on good ethical and moral values.
To perform the research and development activities based on industrial problems in the process to develop post-graduate programmes and to produce prototypes that could be patented and commercialized.
To conduct teaching and learning based on writing and publication activities as well as research and consultancy activities.
To promote smart partnership between university and industry at faculty level.
To offer services in consultancy and life long learning with practical and application oriented in the field of mechanical engineering and in other strategic field or specialization to meet the requirement of domestic and global market.