Welcome to Faculty of Mechanical Engineering! The Faculty was established in June 2001 and comprises of four technical leading departments – Department of Thermal-fluids, Department of Structure & Materials, Department of Design & Innovation and Department of Automotive. Our goal is to be an ideal, dynamic and innovative faculty as well as to produce highly competent mechanical engineering graduates who have good moral and ethical values in their respective fields.

We have over 100 full-time academic staff, additional contract lecturers and technical support team looking after the strong needs of student community. Our objective is to offer high quality academic program by implementing Outcome Based Education (OBE) in mechanical engineering discipline in line with the current industrial requirement. We are also continuously producing competent graduates who have the ability to think critically, innovative and able to provide problem solution in the process of fulfilling human capital requirement.

We deliver an extensive and diverse range of undergraduates coursework and postgraduates mixmode programs. To support these needs, the Faculty has developed laboratory work to enhance the understanding of the theory given during lecture. The activities have been developed for students so that it will not only provide better understanding of the concepts learned but also skills in equipment handling and ability to solve problem given.